Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Keeping It Casual

Firstly, I would just like to put this out there - I'm not the most photogenic person so please lets ignore my facial expressions! 

Okay so this is my second Blog post, and I decided it was time to get down to what I made this Blog for by posting an outfit. I've started off with quite a casual outfit that anyone would wear; its simplistic but I quite like that sort of style at the moment.

Lana High Waisted Jeans, River Island - £30
Belt, Primark - £4
Necklace, Topshop - £10 
Daisy Bralet, Newlook -£15
Baggy Vest, H&M - £6
Converse, Office -£43

As I said, I really appreciate simplistic style at the moment, mainly because its so hard to tell what to wear in this 'hot one minute, cold the next' sort of weather. I chose to wear a bralet underneath my baggy vest as it makes the outfit a bit more interesting and looks much better than having an actual bra on show! I really love my new Lana high waisted jeans from River Island, they go with everything and the light wash colour is really in at the moment, I've added my Primark belt which I absolutely love because it looks really vintage. I decided this outfit needed a bit of detail which is why I added the necklace. Finally these Converse trainers are perfect for a casual outfit like this one, they're comfy, they're simple and you really can't go wrong with them x


  1. Hey, really liking the outfit :) I'm also new to this blogging stuff, but you've definitely got it more sussed out than me! Have you got twitter btw? x


  2. love the necklace! i have a t-shirt with a similar design!

    Eve x


  3. Hey hun, came across your blog on twitter. I am now following you :) Would be great if you could follow me back!


    Beau Fashion