Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sparkle Sparkle

Two outfit posts in one weekend? Why not! This is what I wore out in town last night and I particularly wanted to blog it because of my new boots! I was so pleased with this bargain, they were originally £75.00 in Office, they had then been reduced to £25 and on top of that I got 20% off, crazy crazy.

Top, River Island - £20.00
Leather Look Trousers, River Island - £40.00
Gothic Boots, Office - £20.00

I love this sparkly asymmetric top, it's a lovely floaty material and it actually looks a lot better in real life than in photos. It's a very Autumnal evening top and I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it.

These are my new leather look trousers (because my other pair split *sigh*) and they are SO comfy, honestly! They have that super skinny look but you actually have a lot of movement in them unlike some other leather look trousers.

Boots, boots, boots! Okay, I confess, I think I have a bit of a black boot fetish, these are the third pair I have bought in the past 2-3 months! I was so glad I bought them because they are now completely sold out online.

What items of clothing/shoes/accessories to you have a bit of an obsession with? x

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Black And Gold

Hello hello. I love the 'baroque look' at the moment, it's so glitzy and fancy! When She Likes contacted me and asked if I was interested in collaborating with them, I originally thought 'I've never heard of She Likes'! I took a look at their website and although not everything was to my taste there are some really lovely pieces (especially the shoes) and I felt that they needed more recognition. I chose a gorgeous studded sweater and they sent it to me super quick, I've styled it up with a black and gold tube skirt to get involved with the baroque trend. 

Baroque Skirt, River Island - £28.00
Necklace, Primark - £4.00
Jeffrey Campbell Big Lita Lookalikes, eBay - £34.99

I really love this studded sweater, there are so many studs on each shoulder and they're the really big studs too! You can buy this sweater here for just £25.00! I really suggest people check them out because the prices are so cheap and as I said, they have some lovely pieces. Sorry there's glitter all over the sweater, the glitter from the skirt get's EVERYWHERE.

I'm a huge fan of the mid-length skirt and dress, I think they're really sophisticated and flattering. For the amount of detail on this skirt, I think £28.00 is very reasonable. I also suggest that if you do get this skirt, you get it a size smaller than your normal size to avoid bagginess around the waist!

Yes, here are my shoes again! I've actually invested in a new pair of black platform boots but they didn't go with this outfit, you will see them soon though!!! x

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

November Wishlist

I love and hate making wishlists, I love it because it gives me an opportunity to really have a  good look through what's available online and I hate it because when I do them I generally don't have any money so it's really depressing! I just wanted to share with you a few things that I'm lusting after at the moment.

Light Blue Oversized Sweater, Zara - £45.99
Pleated Skirt, Topshop - £40
Blue Graphic Print Top, H&M - £24.99
Orange Cord Jewel Necklace, River Island - £28
Cut Out Court Shoes, Missguided - £20.99 

I've said before that I really want to build up a nice collection of knitwear for this A/W, I have a few pieces but I'm always on the lookout for something new! I love Zara and as I'm planning a shopping trip with my sister for a couple of weeks time I thought I would see what they have in at the moment, I've always been a huge fan of their knitwear and I thought this jumper was gorgeous! The colour is so lovely and I really want to inject a bit of colour into my A/W wardrobe so this would be perfect.

I love this Topshop skirt, the shape is so classic and sophisticated and I would get loads of wear from it because you can just tell that it will go with so much. Usually I'm a bit reluctant to pay the price for Topshop clothes because I can generally find the same things for half the price in other shops, but I really think this skirt is worth the money because it's a staple item that I would keep hold of for years.

H&M have some really interesting and unique things on their website at the moment, you should all check it out! I thought this top was really quirky and I love it, it's only £24.99 which I think is pretty good. This is the kind of top I would wear on a night out and the colour is perfect for this season.

I really really really love this River Island necklace, I think it's so gorgeous!! But help me out, can I really justify spending this much on a necklace? (I would wear it all the time so please say yes, haha).

Finally, I'm loving court shoes at the moment and I really need to get myself a pair. I love these Missguided ones and they're discounted at the moment which is even better! I think the colours are lovely, they remind me of ice-cream which surely can't be a bad thing. 

What's on everybody else's wishlists this month? x

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tiger Face

I'm pretty aware that I've been a terrible blogger recently and my normal outfit posts are becoming few and far between. I'm just so busy, I know I keep saying it but I really am!
This is just a really quick outfit post, but an outfit post nonetheless. There aren't many pictures either because I'm having an 'I feel ugly' day haha, we all get them.

Tiger Print Dress, Topshop - £26
Vintage Cardigan, Camden Market - £5
Belt, H&M - £8?
Studded Creeper Shoes, eBay - £20
Socks, River Island - £4

I bought this dress for a night out last weekend, and for Topshop I thought it was such a bargain! I really loved it because it can be worn as a day dress or a dress for going out which means it's really worth the money I've spent. 

I've had this cardigan a while now and I keep forgetting to blog about it. At £5 it was such a steal and I love it, it's got a faded metallic paisley print to it and I haven't seen anything like it on the highstreet so happy days for me!

Ahhh I'm so sorry about the short post, I will try and do a full one with lots of pictures for next weekend x

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Friday, 16 November 2012


I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken time to follow my blog because it really does mean a lot and I appreciate every single view that I get! To show you how much it means to me I have bought some beauty goodies and one of my lucky followers will win them all! 

To enter my giveaway follow two simple steps:
1. Follow my blog.
2. Leave a comment on this post with your email address and tell me what your favourite thing about my blog is.

The winner will then be picked at random, and I will check that the winner is following my blog and if they're not, another winner will be picked. I will contact the winner via email. 


1. The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel
2. Barry M Glitter Nail Paint 
3. Barry M Nail Paint
4. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
5. The Body Butter Raspberry Lip Balm
6. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Lotion 
7. The Body Shop Seaweed Facial Exfoliator 
8. MUA Lip Boom

Everything in this giveaway has been bought brand new with my own money especially for the giveaway, so you won't be getting any second hand rubbish. The value of it all is about £30 so I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate it all! Good luck x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tartan and Crosses

Hello all, apologies for my lack of blogging (again) I have been super busy this week putting in the Christmas windows at work and it's tired me out so much. Today's post is for a lovely little online shop called Butterflies and Belles it's quite new and it sells some really lovely handmade pieces, from rings and brooches to hair bows and kindle covers. @khanadakrueger from Butterflies and Belles asked me if I would like to choose a couple of items to promote on my blog, I was more than happy to because they really do have some gorgeous things and it's important to support new business'. That's enough talking for now, here are some pictures.

Tartan Brooch, c/o Butterflies and Belles
Daisy Cross Ring, c/o Butterflies and Belles
Blouse, River Island - £35
Acid-wash High Waisted Shorts, Missguided - £19.99

As you can see, my items from Butterflies and Belles came beautifully packaged which I thought was such a lovely touch. I absolutely love what I chose, the brooch is so on trend with the tartan pattern and cross embellishment! I decided it would look nice to be worn as a bow tie; I'm a huge fan of statement necklaces and this makes a really nice alternative. The ring is so lovely, I chose it because it also has a cross like the brooch which means I can wear them as a set. I love unique little pieces like these, and I must point out that the items from Butterflies and Belles are really cheap which is amazing because so much time and care has gone into making them (and I think they're worth a lot more). I really recommend this new business and I hope you all support them and buy some bits. If you follow @khanadakrueger  on twitter you'll see that she's been making some gorgeous hair bows for Christmas that I will be purchasing as they are so so cute, they would make perfect stocking fillers. So, yes, I urge you to check them out :) x

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Beauty Essentials

I'm so sorry for the lack of blogging recently, I've started my new job and I have no time for blogging! I'm trying my best to keep it up though and I promise I will give you an outfit post next week!! I just haven't had the time to get organised for one this week. If you know me at all you will know that I am hugely addicted to The Body Shop, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products of theirs that I use. 

Well that's a long list, maybe I'm more addicted than I thought haha.

The warming mineral mask is amazing, especially in winter! When I use it I feel like I'm really pampering myself as it warms up on your face, unlike a lot of face masks that feel cold. It always leaves my skin feeling really soft and fresh which is also lovely.

The seaweed facial exfoliator is honestly the best product I own. On my make over post I got a lot of compliments on how clear my skin is in the before picture, and this is my secret! I wouldn't lie, this stuff is incredible, it really is the best facial exfoliator I've ever used, it cleans deep into my pores and stops me getting break outs. I've been using it a couple of months now and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin, so I really recommend that people use this! (Don't rush out and buy it though because when I reach 200 followers this will be one of the products I buy for my giveaway)!

I'll cover all the moringa products in one paragraph, it is my favourite scent from The Body Shop and I really love it. I have always been a huge fan of body butter and I have used ever scent they have (this is no lie, I really am addicted) but this one is by far my favourite. As you can see, I use the moringa body scrub and shower gel as well which are both lush!! I only recently discovered the moringa body mist spray and I always get compliments on how I smell when I use it so it's a product that I will continue using. I recommend that you try at least one thing from the moringa range at The Body Shop because the smell is so gorgeous.

 Everything in The Body Shop's tea tree range is incredible and if I ever feel like a spot is on it's way I use the lotion and toner and it gets rid of it completely! If you haven't yet found something that works for keeping spots away then I recommend that you try the tea tree range, it's fantastic!

I use the vitamin E eye cream and moisture cream, they are both really good! I've been using the moisturiser about 6 months and I will never change my moisturiser now because this one works so well for my skin. It keeps it moisturised without looking oily which is a great quality for a moisturiser. I use the eye cream about 3 times a week, I have pretty tired eyes even when I'm not tired and this really helps to make them look brighter.

The Body Shop beautifying oils are really worth buying because they last so long and can be used on your body, face and hair which is so good. There are loads of scents to choose from and I went for pink grapefruit which is my second favourite scent from The Body Shop. When I feel like my hair is getting a bit dry, I put some of this through the ends when it's damp before blow drying and it makes it feel much softer. It's also really great as a body moisturiser.

Sorry that this post has been mainly writing, but I really hope you try out some of the products and if you do I would love to hear what you think :) x

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