Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ted Baker

Next Thursday is the launch party of Essex Style Magazine, I thought I'd blog about my outfit now as I won't get another chance before Thursday as I'm working every day. You can follow Essex Style Magazine on twitter, this is their twitter name: @EssexStyleMag so go ahead and check them out! The launch party is being held at The Sugar Hut in Brentwood, I've only been there once before so I'm really excited! I will try and remember to take plenty of photos on the night and you'll be able to see them on my twitter page: @SJTaylor_ :-). Anyway, on with the post (I think I've rambled enough).

Top, Ted Baker - £89
Trousers, H&M - £25 (roughly)
Boots, eBay - £34.99

I'm sure you have all noticed that today's pictures have been taken inside, I really hoped I'd never have to do my photos inside as natural light is always much easier to work with! But unfortunately the rain is just not stopping today so I was left with no choice. I must say though, my sister has done a pretty good job with the photos considering the unnatural light. 

My top, my top, my top!!! I've never bought myself expensive clothing before but I really wanted to treat myself to something nice for the launch party, and this top is just perfect. The pattern is so Autumnal and the fabric is so soft and smooth on my skin, I love it! I feel so glamorous when I'm wearing it. 

You've all seen my leather look trousers and Jeffrey Campbell Big Lita dupes before so you know how much I love them, they're what I'm teaming with my lovely new top for Thursday! I'm sorry this is a bit of a short post but I have work today so I'm running out of time. I'm so busy at the moment, I'm literally working all the time so it's hard finding the time to blog, but I'm trying my hardest to keep it up so please bare with me  x

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Put Your Best Shoes On

NEW SHOES!! Oh my, I really do love these ones, they're like Jeffrey Campbell Big Litas but for a fraction of the price! I'm shifting my Monday blog post to Saturdays now as I start my new job on Monday so it's likely that I just won't have the time on to blog Monday's anymore. I hope you enjoy this post my darlings :)

Midi Dress, Missguided - £12.99
Boots, eBay - £34.99
Faux Leather Jacket, Forever21 - £20.00
Necklace, Primark - £4
Belt, came free with a skirt.

This is going to have to be a quick one as I need to go to work in a minute! 

My dress is from Missguided, they have a lot of Midi dresses on their website at the moment and there is such a huge variation of colours and styles; you can get sleeveless ones, short sleeved ones and high neck ones, and they are SO cheap!! You all need to get one asap because they go with everything and are just fantastic value.

My boots, ahhh I seem to buy most of my shoes on eBay and I'm always so happy with them. I manage to get amazing shoes for pretty cheap every time! These ones are amazing, and I love love love them!

I've mentioned my Faux Leather Jacket before, another bargain find of mine! For just £20 you really can't go wrong. The necklace and belt were just added to inject a bit of interest and texture into the outfit.

Well there we have it! Apologies for such a short post, I'd love to hear what you all think though and I'll get back to you all later.

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Daily Makeup

Okay, I know I'm a fashion blogger but I do love all things makeup, skincare and beauty too! So I thought why not throw the odd beauty post into my blog as well?! Us girls all like to have a bit of a nose in each others makeup bags and we love to see what products everyone uses so I figured you may be interested in this. 

Well that's my routine in pictures, now here's my routine in writing:

1. Apply primer, you can find the one I use here. It's from The Body Shop and costs £12.00.

2. Apply foundation, I use Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in shade Alabaster. You can find it here for £21.50.

3. Then I apply my concealer. I absolutely swear by this concealer and it's the best I have ever used so I highly recommend it. It's from The Body Shop, and I use shade 01, you can find this product here for £9.00.

4. To give my face a matte finish I apply my Pressed Face Powder which is also from The Body Shop, I use shade 04. You can find this here for £12.50.

5. Here I have used a bronzer for my cheeks but I will sometimes use a blush. I use Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls in shade Sahara Sun. You can find this product here for £1.99.

6. Onto my eyes; firstly I apply my eye shadow. The one I use is really old, it's by Lancome and I tend to just use the bronze shade. I have found you a similar product by Lancome which you can find here for £17.00.

7. I then apply my liquid eye liner, which I absolutely hate doing because I can never get both eyes exactly the same! The one I use is by Collection 2000 and you can find it here for £2.99.

8. I then apply my mascara to my top and bottom lashes, the one I use is from The Body Shop and you can find it here for £10.00.

9. Finally, I always add a bit of colour to my lips. Today I have used my favourite lipstick which is by Benefit  in shade Do Tell. You can find it here for £14.00.

Well that concludes my daily makeup routine! I hope you found it an interesting read, and please let me know if you think I should carry on doing the odd beauty post. I do love to hear your feedback. One last thing, just so you all know, NONE of these photos are edited because I wanted you to see the true effect of the products I use x

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October Wishlist

My purse hasn't stretched very far this month so I've been left daydreaming about things I wish I could afford. Here are a few things on my wishlist at the moment...

Flecked Jumper, Missguided - £26.99
Pink Jumper, H&M - £19.99
Deco Chain Necklace, Topshop -£20.00
Skull Print Shirt, Own The Runway - £22.99
Tartan and Dogtooth Skater Skirt, River Island - £25.00
Unif Hellbound Boots, Solestruck - $244.95 (Roughly £150)
Polka Dot Crop Top, Yayer - £15.00
Daniel Wellington Watch, Daniel Wellington - $197 (Roughly £121)

I want to have a good selection of knitwear this A/W and these two jumpers from Missguided and H&M are  really great value. Is it sad that I've already planned what I would team with these jumpers even though I know I can't afford them!? 

You've all probably worked out by now that I'm a sucker for some statement jewellery, I just think it can really transform an outfit. This absolutely gorgeous chain necklace from Topshop is at the top of my necklace  wishlist at the moment, and when I have the money I will treat myself.

I love printed shirts and blouses and this lovely skull print one from Own The Runway is amazing! I know exactly what I would wear it with and if I had £22.99 going spare I would definitely snap it up.

I absolutely adore this skater skirt from River Island and I cannot wait to get my hands on it, tartan and dogtooth are my favourite prints for A/W so this would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

I've been lusting after some Unif Hellbound boots for a while now, even though I know I'll probably never be able to afford them. I think they're really impressive and they make Jeffrey Campbell Lita's look tiny tiny tiny!!

Yayer is a really great online shop that everyone should check out. There is a mixture of vintage and modern clothing so there is something for everyone. I loved crop tops over Summer and I want to wear them through Autumn and Winter too, this polka dot crop would look lovely with some high waisted trousers and a biker jacket. Gorgeous!

Finally, a Daniel Wellington watch is something I would love to treat myself too and if I had the money I definitely would. This one is such a classic watch and the delicate face makes it very feminine. I am so so so so desperate for this watch, it's simply beautiful.

What do you all think? Am I just crazy for having such an excessive wishlist? I suppose I better get saving x 

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Cobalt Blue

This week is all about H&M, not deliberately, I just went in there on payday and couldn't believe how many lovely things they had in store! Amazing. So I bought myself a new little outfit to blog about :-).
I'm a huge fan of the cobalt blue trend at the moment so I had to dedicate a post to it, I hope you enjoy.

 Jumper, H&M - £14.99
Skirt, H&M - £12.99
Necklace, H&M - £7.99
Jeffrey Campbell lookalikes, eBay - £22

H&M has got so many jumpers in at the moment that are similar to this but in a variety of colours, they're all just £14.99 which is such a bargain for a statement piece of knitwear. I chose the cobalt blue one because its such a gorgeous colour and I've been wanting to introduce this colour to my wardrobe for some time. 

I have found yet another metallic item of clothing, this skirt was a real steal for only £12.99 and I'm so happy with it. Anything sparkly, gold, silver or covered in glitter gets my approval because it just makes these darker days so much brighter, don't you agree!?

This necklace. Oh my God. I seriously love it, I'm so into statement jewellery right now and this caught my eye straight away. I really hope they bring a black one out, I would be the first one to buy it!
You've seen the shoes before in a previous blog post but here they are again, gorgeous as ever. 

So, is anyone else totally crazy about cobalt blue at the moment? I would love to see what you've bought x

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bloggers Wear Missguided

Yesterday I found myself in the 'Bloggers Wear Missguided' album on the Missguided Facebook page, I couldn't believe it, there are so many talented fashion bloggers in that album and for little old me to be in there too means so much! I love how supportive Missguided are of new and established fashion bloggers, I don't know anyone else that supports fashion blogging as much as they do. It's really helped to increase the views on my blog so I am really really thankful!!

There is a screen shot of me in the bloggers album. Happy days!

Follow Missguided on twitter: @missguidedcouk 
And here's their Facebook link:

You should all check out the 'Bloggers Wear Missguided' album because there are some great bloggers in there x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Peace and Love

Hello! Firstly I would like to thank Angela Dorian for my £50 Missguided voucher that I won on her blog giveaway, this is her blog: With the vouchers I bought three items, two of which are in this post, I hope you like what I chose. One more thing, I wasn't feeling very photogenic today, I never am, so please ignore the ugliness. My eyes were also really watery, hence the squinting.

Peace + Love top, Missguided - £11.99
Disco Pants, Missguided - £25.99
Studded Creeper Shoes, eBay - £20

I know we all want the American Apparel Disco Pants lalala, well I'm sorry but there is nothing wrong with shopping around and finding a cheaper version. The Missguided ones are actually really decent, and girls, you should buy your Disco Pants from wherever you want! However, if someone wants to buy me the AA ones then please do go ahead. American Apparel or not, Disco Pants are really in and they are really versatile so I think every girl needs a pair in her wardrobe.

The top is so cute and at £11.99 it's such a bargain, I actually couldn't believe how cheap it was. That's the beauty of Missguided, everything is so cheap! It's a lovely slouchy top and goes perfectly with the tight fit of the Disco Pants. 

You have all seen my fake but amazing studded Creepers before, and here they are again! I love them so much, they're really comfy and I seriously wear them all the time. They were only £20 which makes me really happy because I do love a good bargain x

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Saturday, 6 October 2012


So as many of you know I was lucky enough to attend Essex Fashion Week today with Essex Style Magazine, it was a great day and I'll fill you in on it later in the week as I need to get blogging for the magazine first. Obviously I'm still going to share my outfit with you, I didn't want to be too glamorous because I was working but I still wanted to dress up and make some kind of an effort, I hope you like it!

Dress, River Island - £30
Socks, River Island - £4
Clog Boots, eBay - £12.50
Clutch Bag, Primark - £4
Belt, came with a skirt ages ago

I've already blogged about 'Autumn Metallics' and I really am a huge fan, it adds a bit of glitz to these generally pretty miserable days, which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all.
I saw this metallic dress in River Island and I knew that I would get plenty of wear out of it and at £30 it's not too pricey. I decided to team it with black accessories because lets face it, you can't go wrong with black! I should add though that this dress is pretty see through so I wore a black tube skirt and a bandeau top underneath. 

I have mentioned these boots in a previous blog post and I must say they have gone down pretty well with people, I think they're really comfortable which was important for today as I did a lot of standing up. I added some frilly black ankle socks to the boots to give them a different look from last time I wore them. I decided to add a belt to clinch me in at the waist otherwise this dress would have made me look a little shapeless. Finally this black clutch bag was a pretty good find in Primark and I know I will certainly get £4 worth of use out of it so I'm a happy girl. I'd love to hear your views on my outfit and if anybody went to Essex Fashion Week too I'd love to know how your day was x

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