Friday, 28 September 2012

Outfit Wish List

For me it's the middle of the month at the moment and I still have two whole weeks until payday! Stupidly, I keep torturing myself by constantly checking my favourite websites and I now I have a ridiculously huge wish list of things I have told myself I 'need' rather than just want. So I thought I would share with you a particular outfit that I desperately want, I'm sure you'll all love it as much as I do.

Trousers, H&M - £24.99
Blouse, Missguided - £22.99
Clutch Bag, Topshop - £38
Shoes, River Island - £65

I saw these gorgeous trousers in store at H&M and fell in love with them instantly, they're the perfect way too add a bit of colour to Autumn. Ever since I saw them I've been styling them in my head and picturing the perfect outfit, and here it is! 

This blouse is an absolute steal in my opinion at just £22.99, the studded detail around the collar and cuffs makes it on trend and the colour looks gorgeous next to the H&M printed trousers.

I have been after some pointed toe shoes for ages but there has always been something I've needed more, so I haven't yet been able to treat myself. These ones from River Island are really lovely and I know they would go with so much because the colour is so neutral.

Finally the clutch, I don't tend to shop in Topshop that much as I can usually find cheaper versions of their stuff else where, but this clutch really caught my eye, the shredded leather effect is really popular at the moment and I must say Topshop have certainly impressed me here. However, at almost £40 I really don't know whether I can justify spending that much on a clutch bag!? Help me out guys. 

So that's my dream outfit at the moment, I would love to see other peoples dream outfits please feel free to share them with me. Fashion is a beautiful thing x

Monday, 24 September 2012

Lavender Dream

Hi everyone! I have been so excited about this outfit post because it's so colourful and the jumper is probably my best bargain of all time. Unfortunately the weather is horrible today so the outfit doesn't really suit the weather but oh well, what can I expect when I live in England? I hope you all enjoy today's post.

Mint green skirt, Missguided - £14.99
Jumper, eBay -£1
Collar Necklace, Forever 21 - £7.40
Jeffrey Campbell lookalikes, eBay - £22
Silver Studs, eBay - £2.19
Belt, Primark - £2
Ear cuff, River Island - £3

I'm going to start with my jumper because I absolutely love it! It really was such a bargain, I think lavender is a beautiful colour but I never usually wear it, on this occasion though I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I added the studs on the shoulders myself, studding is such a fantastic way to customise your clothes and it's really cheap as well. I added this collar necklace to give it a more girly look and I think its super cute, girls you really should check out Forever 21's jewellery collection because it's so vast and there is something for everyone.

My skirt was such a good buy from Missguided, they have so many gorgeous clothes and shoes on their website and I would happily own it all. When i got paid I treated myself to a few things from Missguided (the skirt being one of them) and I was so pleased with all of it. Their pricing is very reasonable so it's perfect if you don't have a huge budget.

My beautiful beautiful shoes were one of my brilliant eBay finds, and at only £22 I think I did pretty well. I think they're actually really good lookalikes and I've had people think they're the really Jeffrey Campbell's, but as I got them so long ago I don't know if the exact ones are still available, however I have found some really similar ones here at x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

GUEST POST - Idlewild London

Idlewild London is a specialist London based online retailer for branded quality nightwear and swimwear. I hope you all enjoy their Guest Post on my blog x

Going bananas for pyjamas

Seductive and sensual are way too stylish to keep confined to the bedroom, and the catwalk are opening our eyes to this as London Fashion Week 2012 are presenting a new eveningwear option for Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

Stella McCartney offers a different style to her usually traditional trouser suits, the runway is strutting elegant PJ bottoms and silky pyjamas in block prints. These slouchy silks offer a fantastic relaxed, after five glamour. 

PJ’s don’t stop at the catwalk; Rihanna and Alexa Chung are the first to dare to step outside in their jim jams. Showing us that we too can jump out of bed, and step outside in latest hottest trend to hit the high street.

Before we all start not bothering to get dressed in the morning, this pyjama trend does not literally mean you need to start going to the shops in your ten year old PJ’s you had one Christmas and looks like it needs to be handed down to Guy Fawkes this October. We are talking swanky patterned matching sets. Idlewild London has a range of sets to suit even the fashion conscious. Our personal favourite is New York Botanical Flannel Pyjamas. The floral print against the black oozes sophistication and glamour.

How did this happen? Surely this can’t be down to celebrities?

Sofia Coppola was an early riser to this trend looking fabulous in a cream silk set with matching slippers. McCartney’s own interpretation has been loved by Rihanna as well as Stella McCartney herself.

The likely reason this trend is so popular is that it suits everyone. This is age blind as well as being shape blind.

As with any trend that is slightly different, the key to getting it right is to work three things; bold jewellery, confidence and don’t forget the heels. Stay clear of anything that makes the look too relaxed and looking like you are ready for a cup of tea in front of the fire. Therefore it is best to avoid adding your favourite bobbly cardigan that your Nan knitted.

Still not converted? Take a look at these New York Vanilla Pyjamas.

There is even better news. This trend keeps reappearing and if a trend can last more than one season, looks good and comfy round the waist that we’d say that was a pretty safe bet.

You see this trend is loved by fashion magazines because the bright prints and floral prints that look like a 1960’s flashback help liven up a page.

It is official PJ’s are having their moment on the catwalk. They aren’t just for sleeping anymore. Brace yourself because this trend is bound to have everyone going bananas for......pyjamas.

Once reserved for middle class men the cotton pyjamas have had a transformation. Don’t worry though you are not likely to get banned from your local Sainsbury’s just yet.

Just remember not to forget your heels and step out in your slippers.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Autumn Metallics

I know I haven't done a post in a while but I ordered some clothes that I really wanted to blog about and well, they still haven't arrived and I decided I couldn't just not do a post so I've put something together! 
Metallics are a big trend for this Autumn so as I recently bought this metallic top I thought, ahhh why not. 

Metallic top, River Island - £20
Skirt, River Island - £30
Shoes, eBay - £15
Necklace, Primark - £4
Rings, River Island - £8
Clutch Bag, Carboot - £3

So, normally I would wear this metallic top with some leather trousers but as I wore them in my last blog post I opted for a leather skirt instead. I really love this top and I thought it was pretty cheap at £20 as it's quite a dressy top. I have had this skirt for about a year so it's not available any more but there are others that are similar, leather skirts are great because they really do go with so much! Finally there are the accessories, my clutch bag was such a bargain at £3 because it's an ASOS clutch bag, but that's the beauty of carboot sales. I love these sandals because the tassel fringing makes them so unique. Last but not least there's my rings, I think they are such a great set and because I have such chubby fingers it's usually really difficult to find rings that fit haha! Sorry it's not a great post but there will be a better one when my stuff arrives (that's the problem wit eBay, some people take SO long to send stuff) x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Black to Black

Sorry about the darkness in the pictures guys but I had work today so I couldn't do them during the day. But that aside I was really excited to do this post because my boots from eBay arrived this morning, yay!! I seriously love these boots and I can't imagine there will be anything they don't go with so they were a good buy. 

Top, River Island - £25
Trousers, H&M - £25 (Roughly)
Shoes, eBay - £12.50
Necklace, Primark - £4

Lets start from the top and work our way down; Dogtooth is probably my favourite print at the moment, and this top is such a lovely fit so it's a win win situation really. I bought these faux leather trousers about a year ago so I can't imagine these exact ones are still available but there are a lot of others to choose from on the high street at the moment, I love the leather look and I find leather is such a versatile material as it goes with so much! My boots, oh my, what a bargain! I am so so happy with them and I'm probably now going to wear them to death but oh well, a girls got to do what a girls got to do. Finally, my necklace (which was also such a bargain) is from Primark, I love love love this necklace it really was such a good find as I wear it all the time x 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Keeping It Casual

Firstly, I would just like to put this out there - I'm not the most photogenic person so please lets ignore my facial expressions! 

Okay so this is my second Blog post, and I decided it was time to get down to what I made this Blog for by posting an outfit. I've started off with quite a casual outfit that anyone would wear; its simplistic but I quite like that sort of style at the moment.

Lana High Waisted Jeans, River Island - £30
Belt, Primark - £4
Necklace, Topshop - £10 
Daisy Bralet, Newlook -£15
Baggy Vest, H&M - £6
Converse, Office -£43

As I said, I really appreciate simplistic style at the moment, mainly because its so hard to tell what to wear in this 'hot one minute, cold the next' sort of weather. I chose to wear a bralet underneath my baggy vest as it makes the outfit a bit more interesting and looks much better than having an actual bra on show! I really love my new Lana high waisted jeans from River Island, they go with everything and the light wash colour is really in at the moment, I've added my Primark belt which I absolutely love because it looks really vintage. I decided this outfit needed a bit of detail which is why I added the necklace. Finally these Converse trainers are perfect for a casual outfit like this one, they're comfy, they're simple and you really can't go wrong with them x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well If The Shoe Fits

Hi everyone! This is my new fashion blog, I'm basically just doing a random post to make sure I like my layout! Once I get going I'm going to blog all sorts of different outfits as often as I can. I love fashion, I want a career in fashion and I really hope you all enjoy my blog and share it with friends. Well here goes...

Black Flatforms, ASOS - £55

Okay, so this is my random Blog post, basically I just really really want these ASOS flatforms, I know I would wear them all the time and they would go with absolutely everything! At £55 I do think they're a bit expensive especially as I'm always looking out for a bargain but next time I get paid I will certainly be investing in these bad boys, and there will be a Blog post to go with it x