Thursday, 20 September 2012

GUEST POST - Idlewild London

Idlewild London is a specialist London based online retailer for branded quality nightwear and swimwear. I hope you all enjoy their Guest Post on my blog x

Going bananas for pyjamas

Seductive and sensual are way too stylish to keep confined to the bedroom, and the catwalk are opening our eyes to this as London Fashion Week 2012 are presenting a new eveningwear option for Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

Stella McCartney offers a different style to her usually traditional trouser suits, the runway is strutting elegant PJ bottoms and silky pyjamas in block prints. These slouchy silks offer a fantastic relaxed, after five glamour. 

PJ’s don’t stop at the catwalk; Rihanna and Alexa Chung are the first to dare to step outside in their jim jams. Showing us that we too can jump out of bed, and step outside in latest hottest trend to hit the high street.

Before we all start not bothering to get dressed in the morning, this pyjama trend does not literally mean you need to start going to the shops in your ten year old PJ’s you had one Christmas and looks like it needs to be handed down to Guy Fawkes this October. We are talking swanky patterned matching sets. Idlewild London has a range of sets to suit even the fashion conscious. Our personal favourite is New York Botanical Flannel Pyjamas. The floral print against the black oozes sophistication and glamour.

How did this happen? Surely this can’t be down to celebrities?

Sofia Coppola was an early riser to this trend looking fabulous in a cream silk set with matching slippers. McCartney’s own interpretation has been loved by Rihanna as well as Stella McCartney herself.

The likely reason this trend is so popular is that it suits everyone. This is age blind as well as being shape blind.

As with any trend that is slightly different, the key to getting it right is to work three things; bold jewellery, confidence and don’t forget the heels. Stay clear of anything that makes the look too relaxed and looking like you are ready for a cup of tea in front of the fire. Therefore it is best to avoid adding your favourite bobbly cardigan that your Nan knitted.

Still not converted? Take a look at these New York Vanilla Pyjamas.

There is even better news. This trend keeps reappearing and if a trend can last more than one season, looks good and comfy round the waist that we’d say that was a pretty safe bet.

You see this trend is loved by fashion magazines because the bright prints and floral prints that look like a 1960’s flashback help liven up a page.

It is official PJ’s are having their moment on the catwalk. They aren’t just for sleeping anymore. Brace yourself because this trend is bound to have everyone going bananas for......pyjamas.

Once reserved for middle class men the cotton pyjamas have had a transformation. Don’t worry though you are not likely to get banned from your local Sainsbury’s just yet.

Just remember not to forget your heels and step out in your slippers.


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