Sunday, 7 September 2014

OOTD Sunday Funday

Hi guys! I hope you've all had a good weekend.
With the winter months just around the corner I've been trying to get a collection of jackets and coats together so that when the weather takes a horrible turn for the worst I'm prepared! About a month ago I picked up this amazing bargain from Primark for just £10.00, it's perfect for slightly cooler evenings as it's pretty light weight and I really lovely the bluey grey colour of it.

Jacket, Primark - £10.00

I think I've already said how much I'm loving simplistic styling at the moment, 1. it's so cheap and 2. I just think it looks wonderful. I've also been stocking up on my basics recently, and there is no denying that H&M is the best place to go for basics, T-Shirts are all under £10.00 and jeans are all under £30.00 which makes me super happy! I think if you're wardrobe is made up of strong basic pieces you're never short of something to wear. Recently I've been wearing jeans with a basic tee or a stripey tee and then adding a jacket or a coat and styling the outfit up with accessories and it's SO much easier than faffing around trying to find outfits that match.. hashtag style advice from Sarah hahaha are a lovely online company that I've worked with in the past and earlier this week they sent me these amazing shoe boot cleated heel beauties, oh-my-god I'm in love!!! They go with everything, the day they arrived I was going out for a couple of drinks that night with ma gals and I had to wear them because I just didn't want to be separated from them but what's great about them is that you can wear them in a casj outfit just like I have or they'd also look cute dressed up for a night out. Perfect shoes, that is all.

Wow I never write this much, I hope I haven't bored you! I'm off for a night out in Manchester next weekend for my friends birthday which should be fabulous, I've never been before have any of you? I'm sure there will be plenty of selfies on my instagram and hopefully even an outfit post, watch this space!

Have a great week my lovelies xxxxxxx

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  1. loveee the mac, i've been meaning to get my hands on one so might see if this little beauty is still in stock! have fun in Manchester
    sara x

  2. That jacket is beautiful!

  3. Wonderful outfit,

    love the lipstick <3

  4. Love your duster and what a bargain! x

  5. You look gorgeous! Deffo going to be looking out for this jacket next time I'm in primark!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  6. I love the jacket and matching watch, so pretty :)

  7. I can't belive your mac is from Primark! It's so classic and stylish! It really is the focal point on the all black outfit. You look great!