Sunday, 8 February 2015

Feelin' 22 (Wiv Missguided) xo

Hi guys! After last weeks post 'The Truth About Blogging' I had such a huge response from so many of you that feel exactly the same. In some ways I was glad to not feel so alone in this huge world of blogging but at the same time I just thought, how sad is it that so many bloggers are feeling like this when you all have amazing blogs.

I prefer smaller bloggers because I find we're more honest with our style and we don't just wear something to keep the company happy. I love it when I find a new blogger and think wow she's different, even if it's the way you take your pictures, the way you write or the way you wear your clothes - it's so lovely and refreshing to see something unique that isn't copying a bigger blogger. Of course there are successful bloggers that I love, I've ALWAYS adored Kavita from She Wears Fashion, she is like my ultimate fav, I'm also a fan of Amy from The Little Magpie who is very weird and wonderful haha and Rumi from Fashion Toast who is just so bloody flawless, but these are all girls who have incredible style and who have also been blogging for years and years, they're always going to be more appealing to me than the 'insta famous' ones (I don't need to name names, I'm sure we'll all have certain people in mind). 

Anyway, on with the post because this laptop is about to die haha

I was kindly sent these items from Missguided for my birthday OOTN and I love it all! This jumper is so x-rated though, I didn't wear a bra so apologies if you can see a bit of nip haha - I wore it out last night and my friends were all on nip watch. This snakey skirt is so beaut too, obviously I love black so it's a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. The shoesies are incredible as well but I didn't risk wearing them last night because I thought I might break one of my kankles ahaha, that as well as the nip exposure would have been too much in one night!

I had a really good birthday night out, I'm feeling it today though! I think I'll go grab some food in a minute and then take a nap and feel fabulous. Over and out honeys xxxxx

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  1. Loved these shoes as soon as I seen them on your Instagram! You'd already know that as you replied to my comment hahaa. I love your uniqueness, especially how you came out with about how you felt about blogging. I wish I spoke to you at the My Bandage Dress Blogger Event back in October you sound like a lovely person! xx

  2. love this outfit, you can never go wrong with a leather mini! i feel exactly the same with so many bloggers. i feel like many completely lose their personalities and then they just become a copy of the next 'big' blogger. xx

  3. Holy smokes, lady, you look fabulous! If you've got it, flaunt it, even if it does require a bit of nip watch!


  4. Those shoes are beaut! Glad you enjoyed your birthday :) x

  5. The jumper and skirt are both gorgeous! Completely agree with you about blogging these days... I'm fed up of seeing the same things over and over again, it's made me lose interest in blogging altogether! Your post actually inspired me to touch upon how I was feeling in this post >> if you wanted to have a read xx

  6. Omg !! this outfit is amazing! You have great style and blog ! you have a new follower ;)

  7. Wow you look amazing!! The sweater is definitely risque but you pull it off super well! Happy birthday to you! <3

    xx freshfizzle

  8. I love the top! Wishing Missguided was in the US :(


  9. WOW! Incredible look! And I LOVE that top, so gorgeous x

  10. Gorgeous jumper! Great styling of it too
    Molly x

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  14. Mmm the leather

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