Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Truth About Blogging...

Okay so I know I haven't blogged in a while and to be honest I was thinking of stopping blogging all together. If you've followed my blog from the start then you'll know I've been blogging about 2 and a half years which is a long time to stay so committed to something. When I began blogging it wasn't a huge thing that everybody did to get free clothes, I personally did it for a few reasons:
1. To improve my CV
2. To inspire people
3. Because I enjoyed it

Now it seems so many people have started blogging for all the wrong reasons and if I'm completely honest that's made me want to step away as I really don't want to be put in the same category as some of these girls. I've found that I compare myself and my blog to other bloggers who have a lot more free time and a lot more money than I do which has made me very critical about myself and I hate that. I hate that something I used to do for fun has become this huge competition with other bloggers, don't get me wrong I've met some really lovely bloggers who are very supportive of other girls but you also get the not so nice ones who are in it for themselves and have no intention of supporting fellow bloggers.

Instagram in some ways has ruined blogging, girls will get 'instafamous' and then call themselves bloggers to get freebies and I find myself wondering whether they ever even wanted a career in fashion or if they just jumped on the bandwagon. 

I took a bit of time out and I asked myself whether I still enjoy it and while I'm still doing it, the answer was no I don't enjoy it and I have no idea why I'm doing it. I've spoken to a few of my blogger friends about this and I was surprised to hear that some of them feel exactly the same way as I do which was a relief in a way because they're all great so it's good to know I'm not the only one who feels this huge pressure from blogging now. I used to love talking about blogging too but now if people ask me I just try and change the subject which is actually kind of sad as it's something I used to enjoy so much.

After all this  have decided not to give up completely but to make it less of a priority in my life because I have other things I want to concentrate on. I've always loved fashion and I want blogging to become something I enjoy again so I'm going to blog for me, not to gain followers or to try and keep up with other bloggers. I've had a few new bloggers email me recently asking on advice when starting a blog and all I can say is not to take yourself too seriously and not to get disheartened when you don't gain followers or have companies interested in working with you. Just be you, don't pretend to be anyone your not and don't change yourself, if you change yourself for blogging you need to ask yourself if it's really worth it. 

 I thought if I was going to bore you with all that chat I should probably put an actual blog post together for you guys to check out as well, so here it is..

Skirt, Missguided
Shoes, ikrush

So when I was getting the link for this Milano jumper I realised it's actually a dress which is kind of awkward because I must be too fat for it haha! I really love this jumper/dress but I'd advise sizing up! You can also buy it in white which is really cute too but black is my fav!

This coat from She inside is also something else I'd advise sizing up with and the reason I say that is because I like my clothes to be over sized and this is quite a fitted coat so I would have preferred it to be bigger for sure. Still luv it though and they also have loads of amazing outerwear right now for pretty cheap so check them out. The link for this coat is:

I'm feeling really chubby at the moment and generally shit about myself, I need to shed at least a stone before summer! Does anyone have any tips for finding the motivation to lose weight or any exercise routines you do? Hearing what you all do to stay motivated will hopefully help me find the will power to do it myself!

Sorry this has been a bit of s moany post, I really appreciate anyone who actually takes the time to read and comment, that's what makes it worth it :)

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  1. I'm the same, I've been blogging for about two years now and when I started I didn't realise how big the whole thing was going to be. Now every other Instgram I go on they have a blog! It's cray. I still do it but I'm soon going into the life of 9-5 work but I'll blog occasionally because it's now just a part of me and I love my blog.

    Lovely post.

    Laura x

  2. I am very new to blog writing, I only started mine recently... but I completely agree with you!! Although my personal blog is very new I have been reading fashion blogs for up to 3 years and so many of the "new girls" are very fake and have nothing even interesting to say, the content is very lackluster! And I have even met a few of the girls who write newer blogs that are very bitchy and come off as very elitist and are clearly just in it for social media fame. Good for you for saying it how it is! You are totally right!

  3. Totally agree, I've just started my new blog up, i've had three in total now as I just get fed up with the constant 'look what I bought from MAC or NARS' and it does seem to be a competition of how much they can all afford. On the other hand I love your posts, you've got such a great sense of fashion so I'm glad you're going to keep posting!!

    Tasmin x

  4. I feel the same sometimes lovely - it can be hard to enjoy it when your busy with other things - I can't always find the time. Hope you feel better about things soon! Xxx

  5. Here here sister!!!!! I feel like that all the time! I used to work so hard on blogging all the time as i liked to show my thifty finds etc. It makes me annoyed that people with loads of followers on instagram are automatically recognised even though they have poor blogs and copy each others fashion!! I think this takes away the excitement of blogging! I work 8-5 so have very little time to blogging however when i do have chance i just feel so un motivated! Everything you have said on this is so to the point and i am so so so glad that i am not the only one feeling this! At least we no we have a different kind of fashion and we are not following the majority! xxx

  6. I love this post so much, it is so true. I feel like blogging leads everyone to that comparison phase and it's so sad, because so many people have amazing blogs, yet comparing themselves to people who do it full time and have photographers makes it so much harder. Also instagram, oh dear, the amount of people that have 'fashion blogger' in their bio just because they have 27k followers and have received a free traingle bikini is so annoying, loool that comment turned into a rant, but I agree with everything in this post so much!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. Sorry to hear you're feeling so disheartened with blogging... Yours was one of the first I started following (was deffo the first fashion one) and I love reading your posts! Your style is always spot-on and hair/make up flawless... lucky ha :) It's shame there are so many girls out there who want something for nothing and have to ruin it for those who actually take it seriously and are interested in pursuing a related career! xx

  8. I'm sorry to hear you've fallen a little out of blue with blogging. I only discovered your blog recently but it's already one of my favourites - you have such incredible style and I want to pin all of your outfits!


  9. You always look gorgeous & you have such a lovely style! Whenever i have seen you about you always look so fashionable, i think your blog is a great read with lovely pictures! I have been put off posting on my blog in the past because of other bloggers but what i think is most important is if you enjoy what you post, then that's all that matters! Keep posting doll xx

  10. New to reading your blog but do enjoy it and your beautiful :-)

  11. absolutely agree especially the desperate instagramers who buy followers

  12. Firstly, LOVE that coat, Sarah; looks gorgeous on you. Secondly, I'm giving you a slow round of applause. Like you said, the only reason to blog is for you, nothing else. Trying to keep up with trends and buying the latest whatever, just to try and top what some other blogger, with unlimited funds, is doing is a game you can never win. And as you quite rightly say, it's a game you shouldn't even be playing in the first place!!! It's great to see you back on the blog and it's a gorgeous outfit post. But what I really appreciated is the honesty. There's a false image that blogging is all glitz and glam, but, as you know, that's far from what it is. And if you got to the point where you're sick of it, it's so important to step back and think about why you got into it in the first place. I for one can't wait to see you're next post; and the more honestly written pieces like this the better - the blogging world definitely needs it. LOVE the honesty and I think when you're posting just for you, we get to see a lot more of your personality and it's all way more fun, which is the best bit x

  13. You keep inspiring me with every post and your followers can tell you are in it for the right reasons ☺️ Sorry to hear your not enjoying it as much, but fashion will always love you!

  14. I love reading these sort of post as it shows who are true bloggers and who are not. You are certainly a true blogger as like you said you enjoyed it and weren't in it for the free stuff. I completely agree with you! I've had my blog for about 9 months now and I actually didn't know much about the blogging community as I didn't look into it that much as I just loved to write and speak about fashion. I've always had a passion for fashion from a young age as I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I changed my career path so now I put my passion into writing about fashion. Personal style is key, be yourself no one else ♡

  15. Thank you for sharing your post I get what you me about people blogging for the wrong reasons. I started because I wanted my space on the internet and looked up to bloggers like Songs of Style and Susie babble. But I feel like it's getting over crowded with people think it's if they have a blog they kno. Everything about beauty and fashion.


  16. LOVE this post and I defo get what you mean about the 'insta famous' stuff. Your blog is great hun and defo don't stop what you're doing xx