Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hey! Well I'm really hungover, I don't know about you guys haha. I'm so excited about this collaboration with Missguided - I seriously love them so when they emailed me I was super happy!

I have just spent the last half an hour looking through Missguided's new in section.. I want it all! Ahh anyway, this dress is so amazing right? I love dogtooth and I love pastels so this is literally the perfect dress for me. I picked up some pastel pink accessories on eBay to go with it and I was kindly sent the necklace from the lovely people over at LaModa - I love ma bling so it's a very welcomed addition to the outfit.

Despite this horrendous hangover I'm now going out so I'm keeping this short! I will most probably be back again with another post tomorrow though so keep a look out xxxxxx

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  1. really lovely post, I am hungover as well and I love missguided! You look great!!

  2. Such a gorgeous dress and I love how you have styled it with the pastel pink, such a pretty combo! :)

  3. beautiful! :)

  4. You look anything but hungover. You look lovely :) X

  5. This dress is gorgeous!

  6. you look gorgeous as per :) love the dress on you !!!

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  7. Wow you look fantastic! The dress is lovely!! Especially love the colour! xx

  8. gorgeous outfit!x

  9. Love this collaboration, your blog is becoming one of my favourites!

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    Love Emma xx

  10. Love that clutch, it's so cute!


  11. Those killer heels REALLY work for your lovely tanned thighs! I really need to get some, any time for walking in them without looking like Bambi on ice!??!


  12. Love the pop of baby pink with your footware and accessories.
    Pop over to

  13. I am in LOVE with that dress, it's perfect! You look gorgeous xx

  14. Seriously loving this outfit! Very simple but also very chic! And I love that lips clutch you have there! <3
    xx, Malena