Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hi guys! Hope you're all good... as a very rare treat for you all I've done a mid week outfit post (shocking, I know). I can't help being such a busy little bee just buzzing around all the time, I never get time for blogging these days. 

Oh my god, just lying here in bed right now minding my own business and this huge tarantula just starts dangling beside me, I punch it out the way and.. well.. now I've lost it, ffs.
Bag, Primark - £6.00?

Okay, so I'm not 100% sure about the price of the bag but I think it was around £6-8.. it's was at least a month ago and I can barely remember what I was doing yesterday so there's really no hope it getting a definite answer here. Anyway, I have been using this bag to death, it's the perfect size.. black with a bit of animal print.. a little bit of gold chainage, totally love it! If you can get your hands on it in your local Primark I seriously suggest you snap this bargain right up.

The rest of my outfit is pretty monochrome but that's what I love so there ya go. My cute batwing top from Matalan is so great, honestly I think I'm Matalan's biggest shopper these days haha.

I'm loving my new trainers, they're so comfy and I think they make any outfit go from drab to fab.. in other words they're fantastic. 

Uhhh I am falling asleep as I'm typing so please forgive me but I'm going to have to call it a night, bye guys xxxxx

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, very casual chic and love the twist with the sneakers <3 really need to get a pair of these or the Air Max ;) xx | Giveaway

  2. Gosh, I need those trainers in my life. Love them! X

  3. gorgeous !!
    love your lips color and you look great with that bright color !
    love your bag too


  4. Love the lipstick and bag! :)

    Fashion and beauty from Slovenia :)

  5. Love the trainers! Real nice.

  6. Such a lovely outfit! That bag is perfect as you said! :)
    Anna xxx