Sunday, 29 June 2014

OOTD Ripped Shorts

Hi guys! Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend, I've been packing for my holiday (1 week away today!!) ahh I can hardly contain my excitement.
T-Shirt, Primark - £8.00
Shorts, Primark - £10.00

I thought I'd check out Primark when I was on the hunt for some hashtag-maga-14 bits and I found a fair few things, two of which Im wearing right here! I have been searching for god knows how long for the perfect pair of high waisted white denim shorts and these are literally amazing, I actually wanted to buy multiple pairs just in case I damage these ones! They were only £10 which is a serious bargain.. I just wish they had had them in black as well (my fav colour). 

As y'all know I'm a die hard fan of the monochrome trend so I unsurprisingly decided to style my new found super incredible shorts with a black and white tee which was also a bargain but that's just Primark for ya. Umm that's about it regarding the outfit but are any of you off on holiday soon? If you are I'm feelin' your excitement right now.

 I have another blog post lined up for during the week so keep a look out!! xxxxx

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  1. I absolutely love this outfit :) The sandals are amazing! xxx

  2. Adore this outfit! I am a massive fan of white, it's just a shame I'm so messy!
    I haven't been to Primark in forever, so I think I need a trip... And I need a holiday. This is very much a holiday outfit :) hope you have a lovely time!

    CAT xo

    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  3. Wait! What? These shorts are from Primark? They're amazing :O Love this outfit! X

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  5. ooo holiday, I wish I was going on holiday! So exciting, love the white shorts they are really pretty!

  6. Sweet pictures and a great look! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  7. Love this look, i have these shorts! :)

    Love Emma xx

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