Sunday, 18 May 2014

Our Time

Hi guys! How amazing has the weather been this weekend? Uhhh I'm so happy, the summer is my favourite time of year! 

This is such a summery ensemble! I'm loving bright colours at the moment, it's nice to stop wearing so much black haha - we're all guilty of that in winter!

I love love love these earrings from the lovely people at Accessoryo all the jewellery on their website is incredible. They were kind enough to also send me a pair of sunglasses so keep a look out as they'll be on the blog soon! You should totally check them out because their prices are so reasonable for such amazing stuff.

I feel I've been slacking a bit recently with my blogging, I got into a really good routine of blogging a couple of times a week and now I'm on a bit of a go slow. I'll try and get another blog post up later in the week so please keep an eye out :) until then... have a great week! xxxxx

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  1. Amazing look! I love the combination of the pink shoes with the green skirt! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. You look perfect! Love the green skirt on you! *O*

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  3. love this pastel/floral combination!
    looking lovely!

    anna at styleskittle x

  4. i love the outfit the skirt is amazing,


  5. Hey!
    LOVVVEE those shoes!! <3
    Just stumbled across your blog! Followed you as well!! Love the stuff you post here! Please do stop by my fashion blog & follow it too! :)
    -Love, Madhumita

  6. Really love the colour of this skirt! So summery :)

  7. Your outfit is so gorgeous & summery, love it!

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